Darol's DRONES in all Keys

by Darol Anger

There's been a lot of yard work going on outside my apartment lately, which means I'm listening to a lot of music to drown it out. This week I've been getting a lot of use out of Darol's DRONES in all Keys (incredible use of caps in the album title, imo). Darol Anger is one of those fiddlers that's really well known in trad circles; he's, like, the old-time/bluegrass/jazz violin guy. He's one of the people who really popularized playing chops on fiddle.

Anyway, I came across his album of drones on bandcamp and bought them to practice with, since that's a lot more fun than just practicing alone. But now that I'm listening to these drones to drown out the yard work noises, I've started just listening to the drones with my headphones on and humming little tunes along with them. I'm not much of a singer, but I think it's fun, and it's really helped me get over my fear of improvising in a way I didn't expect.

If you like drones or playing music or whatever, I think you should check out the album. It's a neat little tool to have in your pocket, and pretty helpful for misophonia, to boot.

(written sometime in the first half of 2022)

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